Terms and Conditions

1) Service:

Alpine Nannies are available during the daytime for half day or full day care. Children can be collected from ski school upon request. The Alpine Nanny will take care if the children in their own accommodation (hotel, chalet etc.). The Alpine Nanny can also take the child or children in her care around Zermatt and/or bring their charges to join parents for lunch by arrangement. All our Alpine Nannies bring a toy bag with age appropriate toys for your child to borrow for the duration of the holiday. The evening before booked childcare commences, we will come to your accommodation for the Meet & Greet to help the child/children settle.

2) Hours:

Alpine Nannies will work 6 days each week for 8 consecutive hours per day all Full-Day, Full-Service bookings. The hours a Nanny works on a day to day basis between the hours of 8.00 – 18.30 is at the Client’s discretion. The Alpine Nanny will work at least 5 consecutive hours in the morning or afternoon on all Half-Day Bookings. No refund will be given in the case of any unused pre-booked hours.

3) Taxis:

If you would like the Nanny to use taxis when picking children up from ski school, money must be given to the Nanny to pay for the transport.

4) Booking:

Full payment must be made on booking via bank transfer.

5) Cancellation:

We will send a confirmation upon receipt of payment. This confirmation will include an option for cancellation. This is dependent upon the time of season. If the cancellation is made during the specified period, then 50% of the total price booked is due. Please note, a 2 week cancellation period applies if it is unspecified.


1) Service:

Evening babysitting may be arranged at short notice. There is a minimum of a 2 hours booking. On occasion, this service can extend to daytime hours if a Babysitter is available. We recommend you book as early as possible if you plan to travel during high season.

2) Hours:

Evening babysitting must start before 10pm.

3) Cancellation:

A fee of 60chf is incurred in the event of a cancellation made less than 24 hours before Babysitting commences. This represents 2 hours Babysitting.

* New Years Eve; a fee of 120chf will be charged if the booking is cancelled less than 48 hours before the start of the booking.

Meet & Greet:

Your Alpine Nanny will contact you the night before your childcare booking commences.
You can request a video chat during the week prior to your arrival. We will organise this during the time our Nanny has available.
If you would like to arrange a Meet & Greet the night before your childcare starts, please contact us before your arrival in Zermatt. This is subject to the availability of your Nanny.
Your Alpine Nanny will provide you with a form to be completed regarding your child (medications, allergies, routine and emergency contact details). They will keep this with them while your child is in their care. 

Handover on the day:

We will confirm the start time for the following day at the Meet & Greet. We encourage parents to be present for the handover so the Alpine Nanny is informed how the child or children have been and if there is anything particular the Nanny needs to know for the day.

Our Nannies will also give you verbal feedback at the end of each day.

Health and Safety:

If your child has any special health needs or concerns please discuss in the booking process so your Alpine Nanny can clarify details at the Meet & Greet.


Please detail the medical or medication procedures required by your child on the form.


In the event of any untoward incident occurring, you will be informed and requested to countersign a record of the incident. Please note that the safety of the children is our priority.

It is essential that mobile phone numbers are given to the Nanny. Parents & Guardian must be contactable at all times, their phones fully charged and ringing volumes turned to loud.

Child Protection:

The welfare of your child/children is our absolute priority. If Alpine Nanny staff have any concerns about a child in their care they have a duty to report this to the appropriate agency.


Alpine Nanny will never hand over any child from their care to anyone other than the Parent or Guardian. In the case that another adult should be picking up any child or children, Alpine Nanny will need to be detailed with their full name, a description and password in oder for Alpine Nanny to make the handover. This will be detailed on the form.


When working over meal times the Alpine Nanny must also be catered for. We request that meals are pre-booked with your Chalet or Hotel.
It is the responsibility of the parent our guardian to inform Alpine Nanny of any allergies or special dietary requirements. This must be detailed on the signed form.

Self catered accommodation:

We can prepare food from your provisions. However, in most self catered accommodation, Nanny’s are not insured to use the facilities. In this case we will require a float of money which can be either used for a restaurant/café lunch.


Formula or milk must be provided and written instructions given to the Nanny regarding feeding times etc.

Children’s belongings:

Please prepare and provide a day bag for your child or children. For young infants, please include a supply of nappies, wipes, nappy disposal bags along with a change of clothes, comforters, dummies and bibs. For children who may be potty training, please provide several changes of clothes. Older children may also have a swimming costume, extra clothing and towel for agreed outings.