What do we do?

Zermatt is a very family friendly resort & great for young children. Being car free, quiet, and an enormous selection of restaurants on and off the mountain, there is little to worry about with children around. The town has developed many fun activities and kids areas, so the little ones need never be bored. It has a lot to offer from wonderful and exiting places for those not quite big enough to ski yet, to those that love to ski and have fun after ski school. From playing in the snow to making snow angels to building snow castles and playing in the park, visiting the ice caves and animals and maybe even ice-skating and having a hot chocolate or crêpe to traveling on the train and riding on the bubbles then sledging back to Zermatt. There are days full of fun for all ages to be had. With ten years of alpine knowledge of little ones, and not so little any longer, we can put together a fun filled week of exploring what Zermatt has to offer and for those not so active days, we can find some fun creative activities indoors and out.

How it works

Either you can choose how you would like your child’s care to be planned out or we can decide on the most suitable range of activities for the time that you’d like us to take care of your children. Maybe you’d like an extra hand on those ski school mornings so you can get ready for your ski time while we take care of your children? If your children are new to ski school, we can stay a while and give them that little extra encouragement to make sure the lessons go well. Then we’ll pick them up after their exciting class and take them for a fun filled afternoon. If you also fancy an evening out for dinner at one of Zermatt’s world-renowned restaurants or a look around the boutique shops, perhaps a little time to unwind with an after-ski drink or in one of the many spas on offer, then babysitting is also available. Whatever childcare needs you have we can create a plan that works for you and help your family have a wonderful holiday.

Who am I?

Alpine Nanny began as a business in 2013 to provide childcare in Zermatt. I am Catherine Brooksmith and I have been working in Zermatt for the past 4 winters, here is a bit about me.

I started Nannying as a children’s club nanny on a summer season After finishing my CACHE Diploma in childcare and education at college in Peterborough ten years ago and fell in love with the idea of working abroad and in an environment that is always changing while looking after children.

This followed on to working with Scott Dunn one of the best ski and mediterranean holiday companies who I worked with for 16 seasons working in chalets, villas, hotels and apartments across the alps and Mediterranean.

I’ve gained over the years a vast array of experience with babies, toddlers and children, during seasons as well as while working in between on my time away from the Alps and Mediterranean for families in and around London.

I independently worked with a family on their holiday and sole charge for a weekend.

I have also worked for a wonderful family for eighteen months as a family’s nanny for four amazingly wonderful children.

I have always loved working and living in the Alps and working with different families each week.

For four winter seasons I have worked in Zermatt and have fallen in love with the place. I have now made Zermatt my home and have set up Alpine Nanny independently in one of the most spectacular winter ski and summer hiking resorts.

As Alpine Nanny I am now providing childcare for families who come out to Zermatt and need a nanny while enjoying a weeks skiing knowing your children are well looked after. Or would like a night out knowing your baby sitter has experience with all ages.

I’m looking forward to working with some wonderful new families as Alpine Nanny and giving you the peace of mind your child is in the best care.

Our rates

Please contact us with your requirements and we can provide a specific quote


  • Without pre-booking
  • 12 pre-booked hours
  • 1 week, 4 hours per day
  • 1 week, 6 hours per day
  • 1 week, 8 hours per day
  • 1 week, 10 hours per day
  • Baby sitting after 6pm
  • Hour

  • CHF

    Hourly rate

  • 35
  • 34
  • 33
  • 32
  • 31
  • 30
  • 25
  • Total

  • CHF

    Total cost

  • no
  • 408
  • 792
  • 1152
  • 1488
  • 1800
  • no

The hours are based on a 6 day ski holiday.

Pre-booked hours are minimum hours due, extra hours charged at the same rate.

Minimum booking 2 hours childcare per day.

Additional 10% for 3+ children.

Baby-sitting rates do not apply to pre arranged booked hours of childcare set out during the day. If baby-sitting is required this is an additional cost of CHF25 per hour before 12pm and CHF30 after 12pm.

During peak weeks we will only take full week bookings (half day or full day), unless
availability arises.

For New Years Eve and Christmas Eve rates are double.

Cancelation of a weeks booking of Nannying/babysitting with out two weeks notice will incur a charge.

Babysitting canceled with out valid reason and loss of booking will have a charge of an hours babysitting for each night that had been confirmed.

Last-minute*  bookings will incur a 10chf fee. (*made less than 2 hours before the

requested start-time or made after 6pm for the following morning).


Testimonial from Scott Dunn

Catherine has worked as a Nanny for Scott Dunn for a good number of years and has gained a great deal of experience in that time working with a number of age groups and families.
Catherine is a natural with children and parents have always been extremely happy with her level of care and great flexibility.
I can highly recommend Catherine as a nanny and her knowledge of Zermatt will be a great advantage to families choosing to holiday in the resort.

Testimonial Mother from London

Catherine worked with us to look after our two pre-school children sole-charge. She is an incredibly trustworthy and warm individual who is able to create a lovely bond with children very quickly.
Catherine is a very calm person who genuinely adores children. Both my kids and I have very fond memories of her and I have no doubts that her business Alpine Nanny will be a big success.